Marsilea quadrifolia

Marsilea quadrifolia

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Floating Four-Leaf Clover, Water Shamrock.

  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 5 - 15 cm (2 - 6 inches).
  • Flower: None
  • Supplied bare root

This plant is not a true clover but actually an aquatic fern, with simple, delicate, four-lobed leaves. The plant can change its leaf colouration and growth habit considerably depending on growing conditions - when grown in deeper water the leaves float on the surface, but if grown in very shallow water like a marginal plant, the leaves will be smaller and will stand up above the water. While the leaves are normally mid to light shades of green, in full sun they will often become a beautiful bronze in colour. Very pretty, and always popular.

We recommend starting your Marsilea quadrifolia off in a pot of 1 litre capacity. Read more on how to pot and care for your plant here.

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