Butomus umbellatus Rose-Red Form

Butomus umbellatus Rose-Red Form

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Flowering Rush, Rose-Red Form ('Rosenrot').

  • Approximate height: Foliage: 60cm (24 inches) Flower: 100cm (39 inches) 
  • Recommended water depth over crown of the plant: 5 - 45cm (2 - 18 inches)
  • Flowering time: June to July
  • Flower colour: Pink
  • Supplied bare root

Butomus umbellatus 'Rosenrot' is a selected colour variety of the British native flowering rush, Butomus umbellatus. Like the wild form, it has very slender leaves and produces tall umbels of flowers in summer, but it has stems that are red in spring and blooms that are a darker pink. It makes a pleasing contrast to the White Form of this plant if grown together. 


Planting Tips: The plant grows from a rhizome (an underground stem). If you have purchased the plant in winter or early spring when there are no leaves, simply plant this rhizome horizontally, about two inches under the soil. The rhizome is naturally very brittle; don't worry if parts of it snap, simply put it all in the pot and it will grow. Butomus plants like plenty of room for their roots as they grow, so we would suggest starting your plant off in a pot of at least 2 litres capacity. Read more on how to pot and care for your plant here.

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