Caltha palustris 'Honeydew'

Caltha palustris 'Honeydew'

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Primrose-Yellow Marsh Marigold

  • Approximate height: 45cm (18 inches)
  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 0 - 15cm (0 - 6 inches)
  • Flowering time: March to April
  • Flower colour: Yellow
  • Supplied bare root

This unusual pond plant is a variety of the common British marsh marigold, but the blooms are primrose-yellow and the leaves are a lighter green. It is also slightly larger than the wild form. Like most marsh marigolds, it is one of the first plants to flower each spring, and then will often re-grow and flower again in autumn if cut back hard in summer.

We recommend starting your Caltha palustris 'Honeydew' off in a pot of 1 litre capacity. Read more on how to pot and care for your plant here.

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