Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Pack of 5)

Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Pack of 5)

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Frogbit (Pack of 5).

  • Approximate size: From 7cm (2½ inches) across
  • Flowering time: July to August
  • Flower colour: White

This native pond plant has shiny heart-shaped leaves which reach about an inch across and float on the water surface like those of a tiny waterlily. The crown of the plant floats just below the leaves. Each plant produces three or four leaves, and continually sends out runners to form new plants. A white three-petalled flower with a yellow centre is produced on mature plants in July-August. The plant floats freely in the water with its roots hanging beneath, and thrives in sunny, shallow places. It dies back in early autumn as it begins to form small turions (winter buds - see picture above). These sink to the bottom of the pond as the weather cools and come up again as new plants in late spring to early summer.

Frogbit will spread steadily across the water surface, but because each individual plant is small it is suitable for any size of pond, from a small wildlife pool to a large ornamental set-up.

You will receive five individual plants.

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