Lemna trisulca

Lemna trisulca

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Ivy-Leaved Duckweed, Chain Of Stars Duckweed.

  • Flower: None
  • Sold in loose portions of approximately a large cupful. 

By far the prettiest of our native duckweeds, ivy-leaved duckweed is also less invasive than the more common types. It has delicate two-tone mid-green to dark-green fronds with leaves in three parts, which float just under the surface rather than on it. These leaves provide a habitat for many small pond invertebrates, such as water hoglice, baby snails, and flatworms. This is great plant for providing cover or helping to keep the water clear, especially in wildlife ponds. It will grow in full sun, but it appears at its best in shadier spots - around the base of other plants, under waterlily leaves, in shady ponds, or simply in the depths of winter, when it thrives and looks lush and green while other plants have died off. No potting needed, simply place the plant in the pond.

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