Once-a-Year Pond Spike

Once-a-Year Pond Spike

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NPK Fertiliser 16-9-12 with trace elements. 


Supplied in a temperature-activated spike, this fertiliser releases nutrients only when plants and lilies need them most: at or above 10°C (50°F). Once activated, the spike slowly releases a well-balanced feeding formula containing nutrients to maximize the size and colour of all potted aquatic plants and waterlilies. With low amounts of phosphorous and no copper, the fertiliser has no adverse impact on water quality and is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates. Can be used with all planting baskets and containers.


Simply press down into the pot next to your plant - as shown in the picture. (Please note plant, container, and gravel not included). Provides important nutrition for your aquatic plants and waterlilies for a period of one full year.


Directions For Use

Remove clear plastic sleeve before using.

Push the spike in the soil until the cap is just above the soil surface.

After one year, discard the spike, as the fertiliser inside no longer contains nutrients.

Use one spike for a 4-8 litre container (1-2 gallon)

Use two spikes for an 11 litre container (3 gallon)

Use three spikes for 18 litre container (4 gallon)

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