Super Growth Fertiliser Balls, Pack Of 3

Super Growth Fertiliser Balls, Pack Of 3

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Velda Super Growth Balls XL, pack of 3.


Specially developed for fertilising waterlilies and other aquatic plants, these balls are made of clay and contain only natural fertilisers. Supplied in a small re-sealable plastic bag with paper instructions. Each ball weighs 20g. 

Place the ball in the soil surrounding the plant’s roots. As a guide, use 1 ball for each heavy-feeding plant that you are potting, such as waterlilies and water Irises. If potting on mature specimens into large containers, use 1 ball for each 5 litres of soil. If you are not using pots or baskets but are adding the balls directly into the ground (for example, when fertilising a bog garden area) use 25 balls per square metre of soil.

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