Equisetum hyemale - Water Horsetail, Rough Horsetail, Dutch Rush

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  • Approximate height: 90cm (36 inches) 
  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 0 - 15cm (0 - 6 inches)
  • Flower: None
  • Supplied in the solid 9cm pot we grow them in - for best results we recommend potting on using a 1 litre pot

A British native species, still sometimes known by its old name of Equisetum japonica. This unusual marginal plant has sturdy vertical stems ringed with black bands, resembling bamboo, and can reach up to a metre high in sheltered locations. It is evergreen in all but the hardest weather and useful for giving winter interest to the pond, especially in a native pond. It spreads by underground stems, but unlike its weedy garden cousins, it is slow-growing and will not take over the pond. For the best appearance, trim off any frost-damaged stems in spring when the new shoots come through. 

Please note that the plant will usually have to be trimmed before sending in order to fit in the packaging.

If designing a planting scheme, we recommend approximately 2 Equisetum hyemale plants per square foot of ground, or 1 plant per linear foot of pond edge. Read more here on how to pot and care for your plant.