Calla palustris - Water Arum or Bog Arum, Swamp Lily

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  • Approximate height: 23cm (9 inches)
  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 5 - 15cm (2 - 6 inches)
  • Flowering time: May to June
  • Flower colour: White
  • Supplied bare root - for best results we recommend potting on using a 3 - 4 litre pot

This attractive marginal plant produces simple white arum-like flowers in late spring, followed by bright red berries in autumn. It has heart-shaped glossy mid-green leaves, and spreads gradually on plump, shiny, horizontal, creeping stems. It thrives in shallow water, and can be used to disguise the pond's edge with its lush, slightly exotic-looking leaves. Unlike many pond plants, it will grow and even flower in shade, although planting in sun or part shade will result in more blooms. It is sometimes marketed as a British native plant although in fact it is native to Europe, Asia and North America but not Britain.

Since Calla palustris plants like to grow as a horizontal rhizome,  we only supply them bare root (they tend to 'jump' small mail order pots very quickly). For the same reason, we have recommended a 3 or 4 litre pot for your plant because these will have a wide opening. However, a 2 litre pot would be enough if it has an opening of around 20cm. Plant your bare-root plant with the cut end of the rhizome against the edge of your pot (so that the 'growing' end has the most space) and have the rhizome itself almost, but not quite, covered in soil; so that it doesn't float.

You will receive three separate rhizomes (see picture). Please note that this plant is toxic if eaten.

If designing a planting scheme, we recommend approximately 1 Calla palustris plant per square foot of ground or per linear foot of pond edge. Read more here on how to pot and care for your plant.