Zantedeschia aethiopica - Arum Lily, Calla Lily

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  • Approximate height: 75cm (30 inches).
  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 8 - 15cm (3 - 6 inches)
  • Flowering time: May to August
  • Flower colour: White
  • Supplied in the solid 1 litre pot we grow them in - for best results we recommend potting on using a 3 - 4 litre pot

This well-known but exotic and striking pond plant has large white flower spathes surrounding a yellow spadix (central flower spike) and arching mid-green glossy leaves with ruffled edges. It flowers from spring until well into the summer, and will often bloom again in the autumn if dead-headed regularly. It is clump-forming and never runs, so is not invasive. There are many Zantedeschia cultivars, but this one is the natural wild plant, as it grows in river banks and marshes in southern Africa. It is an easy and straightforward plant to grow but can be slightly frost tender. Because of this, the crown of the plant should remain below the water during winter to protect it from ice damage - i.e. make sure there is always a couple of inches of water over the top of the pot in the winter months.

Please note that this plant is poisonous if eaten. 

If designing a planting scheme, we recommend approximately 1 Zantedeschia aethiopica plant per square foot of ground or per linear foot of pond edge. Read more on how to pot and care for your plant.