Lychnis flos-cuculi - Ragged Robin

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  • Approximate height: 45cm (18 inches) 
  • Recommended water levels: plant in moist or wet soil but not underwater
  • Flowering time: May to July
  • Flower colour: Pink
  • Supplied in an 8cm pot

This beloved British native plant has star-shaped rose-pink flowers with deeply-cut petals. It forms rosettes of low-growing, slightly purplish leaves, and sends up flowers on tall slender branching stems in early summer. Found in fens, ditches, damp meadows, and wet woodland margins across the whole of the British Isles, Ragged Robin has become less common in the wild due to habitat loss. The flowers are attractive to butterflies and long-tongued bees, and the plant is on the RHS 'Perfect for Pollinators' list. Sometimes known as Silene flos-cuculi.  

If designing a planting scheme, we recommend approximately 5 Lychnis flos-cuculi plants per square foot of ground, or 2 - 3 plants per linear foot of pond edge. Read more here on how to pot and care for your marsh plant.