Nymphaea 'Snow Princess'

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  • Approximate leaf spread: 60cm (24 inches)
  • Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 15 - 45cm (6 - 18 inches)
  • Flowering time: June to September
  • Supplied bare root

'Snow Princess' is a beautiful miniature white lily ideally suited to the smaller pond or tub garden. It produces simple, elegant, pure white flowers over a long bloom period. The leaves are a deep burgundy, sometimes with green centres, and are more small and slender than the standard white garden waterlilies, giving it a 'wildflower' feel. It can develop dark reddish spots on its leaves during hot weather; this is normal for this variety and nothing to worry about. 

We recommend starting your Nymphaea 'Snow Princess' off in a pot of 2 litres capacity. Read more on how to pot and care for your plant.