Slow-Release Fertiliser Tablets, Pack Of 20

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These tablets are specially designed to release their nutrients gradually over 8-9 months. This covers the whole of the UK growing period and also limits the amount of unused fertiliser that gets into the pond water. The rate of nutrient release is controlled by temperature, so that the plant receives more nutrients when it is warm and it needs them more, and also by the levels of nutrients present in the soil surrounding the tablet - when there are low levels of nutrients in the soil, the tablet is triggered to release more.  

Each tablet has a conical shape, allowing it to be easily pushed into the soil. Once the tablet is in the wet soil it begins to fall apart into its component fertiliser granules so that the plant's roots cannot push the tablet back out of the pot. The granules are biodegradable and made from vegetable oils. 

We recommend one tablet per 1 - 2 litres of soil. Place the tablet in the soil around the plant's roots. If fertilising established plants, we recommend pushing your finger into the soil first to create a channel, and then pushing the tablet in.  

Each tablet weighs 5 grams. Store the tablets unopened in a cool and dry place until needed. Supplied in a re-sealable bag. 

Analysis: NPK 14-8-11, + 2MgO + trace elements.