Tub Garden/Container Pond

Here are a few suggestions for planting up a tub garden or small container pond to give ideas about how you might plant up your own pond. Plants can be bought as singles if desired; where we recommend twos or threes of the same plant it is simply to give impact more quickly, especially if your pond is at the larger end of the range we give.  

Tub Garden/Container Pond. Defined as: Half-barrel pond approximately two feet across

Surface/Floating Plants (Choose 1 of the following options)

    Oxygenators/Underwater (Choose 1 of the following options, all are native)

    • Myriophyllum spicatum x 1 (will need to be thinned occasionally but in leaf all year)
    • Ranunculus aquatilis x 1 (beautiful flowers and delicate foliage but dies away in summer so not ideal in a situation where it is the only oxygenator)
    • Ceratophyllum x 1 (no need for a pot which can be useful with limited space but dies away in winter leaving the pond bare)
    • Callitriche x 1 (in leaf all year, miniature and slower-growing so good for very small containers, but best in an established pond)
    • Lemna trisulca x 1 (best for locations in deep shade, very slow-growing and no need for a pot which can be useful with limited space)

      Marginal Plants (The number of marginal plants is mostly personal preference but we would suggest choosing 2 - 4 of the following options. Listed A - Z).