Medium Pond

Here are a few suggestions for planting up a medium pond to give ideas about how you might plant up your own. Plants can be bought as singles if desired; where we recommend threes or sixes of the same plant it is simply to give impact more quickly, especially if your pond is at the larger end of the range we give. 

Medium Pond. Defined as: Bigger than 6 feet by 4 feet but not over 12 feet by 9 feet. 

Surface/Floating (Choose 1 - 2 of the following options) 

  • Any waterlily from the Medium Waterlilies section on our website
  • Aponogeton distachyos x 2 (lower cost than a waterlily and in leaf most of the year, also a more suitable option for shady locations)
  • Persicaria amphibia x 4 (not as attractive as a lily or a water hawthorn, but one of the few native options for deep water)
  • Hydrocharis morsus-ranae x 6 (a native option, but very small and in leaf less than half the year)
  • Nymphoides peltata x 2 (a native option and very easy and attractive, but fast-growing so will probably need to be thinned within two years)
  • Marsilea mutica x 4 (for an unusual tropical look, but no flowers)
  • Stratiotes aloides x 8 (a native option and gives an unusual look, but no significant flowers)

    Oxygenators/Underwater (Choose 2 - 3 of the following options, all are native) 

      Marginal Plants (The number of marginal plants is mostly personal preference but we would suggest choosing 4 - 8 of the following options. Listed A - Z)